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JAMINFEST 2008 part. 4ª (Rusia)

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http://www.jaminfest.com/default.aspxHistory:The group was created in 1985, in the capital of the Republic of Buriatia, in Ulan-Ude city. Buriatia is in the south of oriental Siberia and its mountainous territory, covered by vast forests, we found the famous “Baikal”, the deepest lake in the world. It has 336 rivers that take their waters to one of the lakes, the biggest, is called “ Selenga” and gives name to the group. The most popular religion there is Buddhism.The group is formed by dancers and an orchestra of national Buriatia music. The artists are from 20 to 25 years old.In its programs they include music and traditional dances of Buriatia, such as “ The Pearl of Baikal”, “ Shun-Shubun” -some Buddhist Buriata dances, “ Janam, Javar”- an impetuous dance of nomad tribes, “Bulgue”- a d...
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